Attention 315’rs: Anthrax’s Scott Ian is going on a spoken word tour this year, and our very own Lost Horizon is hosting a very rare appearance on March 6th Come get ridiculous with us and watch as one of metal’s most well-known and revered axe-men gives us a glimpse into his amazing career! 

*Scott Ian’s A “Speaking Words”  Tour is an extremely intimate and candid experience. This is less of a spoken word tour and more of a comedic one man story telling experience…Scott Ian’s quippy oral dictation of the past 3 decades are jam packed with Self Deprecation, Awe inspiring “wish you were him” moments and honest comedic portrayals of some experiences I’m sure many wish were never shared. Accompanied by a Laugh Out Loud photo slide show that brings audiences an insider’s visual experience. Scott Ian’s humility is only matched by his humor and every show is unique as there is a personal Q & A slapped in the middle so each night truly takes its own turns into the history of this iconic metaler.

* VIP packages available