NEW YORK, NEW YORK — January 14th, 2013 — Sci-Fi Middle Eastern fusion trio Consider The Source has launched a campaign to fund the recording and release of their double album. Having spent the last several years touring relentlessly, the band is ready to get back in the studio and share the new material they’ve been writing. To raise the $20,000 to make it happen, the band is asking for support.

“The goal of this album is to spread our message of unity through music to a much broader audience. We have the music, we have the vision, we have the gusto, but we lack the funds. Any contribution you make, large or small, will help chip away at the massive expense of putting out an album. Without your support, this album would not be possible.”

If the goal is met, the double album will feature experimental new sounds and techniques, the use of new instruments like the Banjo Bass and Dutar, brand new acoustic songs, and new musical influences from areas such as North Africa, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and more.

Supporters can visit to learn more about and/or contribute to the project.


About Consider The Source

With deep roots in improvisational jazz and progressive rock, Consider The Source provides an instrumental experience that can be best described as an “Indo-Eastern aural awakening”. Their psychedelic fusion of American jazz, funk, and heavy metal with Middle Eastern classical and folk music translates into an eclectic musical intensity that has become so characteristic of their performances. Vibrant rhythmic forces and complex melodic ornamentation blur the lines between chaos and serenity, showcasing the band’s exceptional talent and otherworldly energy.