Photo by Justine Jones Photography

Photo by Justine Jones Photography

Tortilla chips, cheese, and salsa are great and all, but Weekend Nachos are the shit! The Chicago, Illinois 4-piece drops some of the heaviest jams out there right now, mixing the thrashy blasts we all know and love with a massive wall of sludgy riffs and breakdowns. The guys seriously make more than enough noise to make a deaf person need cover their ears.

It’s probably a smart move to wear padding if/when you catch them perform, as videos of their live shows clearly depict a violent catharsis amongst the band and fans. The rage level will undoubtedly be up to 11 (thousand) when the band takes the stage at this year’s A389 X Anniversary Bash, and I couldn’t be more excited to finally get the opportunity to see this band in person, from way, way behind the crowd.

I caught up with Johnny Snyder to talk about their songs and writing process, their upcoming A389 performance in Baltimore, and whether they like grated cheddar or the globular, processed can stuff on the chips. With that, I’m hungry for Taco Bell.


G- Thanks for speaking with Live High Five today, guys! How’s 2013 treated you now that it’s coming to a close?

J- I’m not sure if you’re asking me how 2013 treated myself personally…or the band. WN wrote, recorded and released our 4th full-length album STILL this year, which was huge for us. We also managed to go on a short East Coast tour, which is rare for us these days.

As for my personal life, I recently opened an ice cream shop in Chicago called “Pain Over Acceptance,” and so far we have had a lot of customers.

G- Hahaha that’s awesome! “Those are some mighty heavy riffs you got, Lou.” Aside some needing to reinforce the walls, what’s it like at Weekend Nachos rehearsals? Who’s primarily writing, or do you guys have a particular way you compose new tunes?

J- Honestly, we are not huge on practicing unless we have new riffs to show each other. We like to run through the songs and come up with a set list before a show or a tour, but that’s about it.

We actually all write music, so when we’re all feeling hateful enough to release a new album; those are the best of times in terms of rehearsal.  I love meeting up with the dudes and seeing what new song ideas they have, as well as showing them new ideas I have. Once those ideas are out on the table, we just jam everything out. Sometimes the songs stay the same as when they were proposed, and sometimes they change based on some cool shit we come up with on the spot. I don’t write lyrics until I have music to write them to, though.

G- I’m pumped to finally see you guys perform at this year’s A389 Bash! Given the intensity and nature of the lineup, what do you have in store for the performance? Any plans to premiere new tunes, merch, or special guests at the show?

J- We will definitely be playing some new songs off of our latest album STILL, which I’m excited about. There are some hard-ass parts on that album and it feels pretty great to bust them out live. As far as new merch…yeah, we’ll probably have some new shit to sell as well.

Special guests? Probably just whatever friends of mine ask to do whatever part they want to sing at the show.  I am always looking for people to do guest spots because I’d much rather them sing my lyrics than me.

G- Who are you most looking forward to watching before/after your set at the fest?

J- I’m really excited for Sex Prisoner more than any other band. This will be their first East Coast appearance ever and I can’t tell you how proud I am that they are finally getting their asses outside of their Southwestern bubble. They truly deserve to be heard and seen by the world, as they are an incredibly vicious, heavy, fun band to see.

Fuck, now that I think about it, I’m not even going to catch their set, I have to fly in on Saturday due to work and they play Friday. Fuck.  Does All Out War play the day we play? That should be cool, unless no one gets knocked out during their set.

G- I’m sure that will happen, inadvertently or otherwise. I’ll be at the bar watching.

So, Chicago Pizza or NY Pizza, and why?

J- I’ll be honest, I really don’t understand the hate people have for deep dish, or “stuffed” as it is sometimes called. I have met a lot of East Coast try-hards (especially my girlfriend) who have some kind of problem referring to Chicago style pizza as “pizza.”  They think it’s more like lasagna.  (I) got news for you posers (especially my girlfriend)… Lasagna has pasta in it.  Our pizza here does not have pasta in it, so you’re already wrong.

It takes a real bro to appreciate a slice of deep dish…you get a lot at once. If you can’t handle it, go hang out with Barbara Streisand. Your issues are not part of my agenda.

(For the record, I knew this was gonna be a great interview!)

G- The live footage of Weekend Nachos playing looks like bedlam… Have you had any altercations with security or attendees at your shows? Any injuries or legal troubles in the past?

J- We have not ever had altercations with security before. Mostly, security has always been down with the ‘Chos.  I’ve gotten a little rough with concert attendees in the past.  Punching people in the audience, feet first stage dives, etc. I was 22 when we started this band. I’m 30 now, so I’ve grown up a bit. I try to bring the energy now without taking it out on anybody in the audience, I’m over that whole thing.

We actually have a song about how much I hate fighting at shows.  I once witnessed a blackened crust band beat the shit out of one of their fans…with 7 of their other fans. 8 on 1. That was a really upsetting thing to see. Ever since I saw that, I have always been really careful not to incite any malicious violence unless it’s just part of the fun and everybody is on the same page. When people are getting knocked out during a crazy set it’s an awesome display of pure aggression and insanity. When a person gets knocked out because “pit beef”, that’s a different story. Mosh like animals with human brains, not the other way around.

G- Preach on, reverend!

And to finish up, do you have any tours/recordings/events coming up in 2014 that you can tell us about? What are your plans for next year?

J- Well, we just toured the East Coast and released an LP at the exact same time, so we should be taking it easy on tours and recordings for a minute. There has been talk of a weekend out to California in 2014 at some point, which we are excited to do. Andy and I have also discussed working on another “experimental” 12” much like the Bleed E.P.  People kinda hated that album so we are looking to do it again…it was really fun to get creative and do something unexpected, even though I kinda feel like we are always doing that anyways.  Keep an eye out for some new shit if it happens.

G- Indeed we will!