When a band has a few releases under their belt, they tend to sway one of a handful of very predictable ways. The first would be an attempt to reach out to a broader audience; very abruptly detracting from their finely tuned sculpted sound, and the brand they have established with their longtime listeners.

The second would be to stay the course and cram their original idea and sound down your throat so hard that it becomes repetitive and ultimately just plain boring.

Thirdly, and this is the key to what makes East of the Wall’s newest release, Redaction Artifacts, shine so brightly (in a scene shrouded in boring, overtly shreddy, and hyper pretentious progressive metal bands,) they take the best of both worlds, polishing their craft even further into a tasteful, orchestral sound scape. Liken to a first serving of fine whiskey, it may take an open mind open to appreciate something as innovative and complex as it is, but Redaction Artifacts is just a fantastic goddamn Rock and Roll record.

Rather than the time-honored tradition of showing off music knowledge with classical scales and striking the audience in the face with a barrage of time changes, East Of The Wall’s lean is less brash and exhibits an excellent flow. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of crazy time signatures and interesting syncopations, but it is done within the context of the song in mind, not merely an attempt to impress the music geeks in the audience. Layered guitars, as well as the occasional bass reigning in from above and conducting the melodies, really show the time and effort put into not only crafting some interesting songs, but compiling every note into what would become a fantastic record.

If you’re into waxing the music philosophic, I say pick this up and wax until your hands hurt. That goes twice for those interested in a well orchestrated, not too over the top rock and roll record. Scope out “The Fractal Canopy” as a means of recruitment, and thank me once you’ve obsessed over this record for the last few days (like I have.)

– Justin Tisdale