7” records are the best! For $5 or so, you can get just enough of a taste to determine whether or not an unfamiliar band is worth a second listen. Vancouver, BC quartet TAXA have been at work lately, recently joining the Hex Records roster for a 2-song debut on wax titled “Ressurection Year.” The release, which dropped on October 1st, is a good introduction to the group and, as to whether I’ll give them another shot in the future, in Taxa’s case, the answer is yes.

Featuring members of Damages (React Records,) the recording is well produced, with a fairly crisp sound that neither scuffs nor polishes the tracks as they roll by. Between the angst-ridden male/female vocals, remarkably thick bass lines, melodically spazzy guitar attacks, and just enough drumming to fit the songs, Taxa’s sound is reminiscent of the post-punk indie sound of the 90’s, while never sounding dated or past its prime.

A-side “Kingsway and Fraser” opens with a thick, groovy bass line, leaving no room for discussion and immediately punching through the speakers; This stays consistent throughout. The vocals and guitar tones have an emotionally jarring feel about them which gave the tune a slight sense of worry, but don’t ask me to explain why. B-side “Lappel du Vide” begins on a much softer note than its predecessor, but ultimately triumphs as the heavy cut on the record at 1:39 in, the vocals laying into the chorus with everything they’ve got.

Overall, the bass tones are both my favorite and the most prominent components of the tunes, the drums are tasteful and not over-done, and both songs are structurally sound and exude a good energy.

I’m down for another round of Taxa, but why take my word for it? You can scoop up the release RIGHT HERE on aquamarine or black vinyl, both limited to 150. Hop it to, indie/post-punk lovers.