Launch a Kickstarter to fund the pressing of their 2007 effort ‘Reality Vs. the Optimist’ on Vinyl!
 Help fund the limited 250 Unit Run Pressing here:
 “Reality Vs. The Optimist is probably the most versatile and rabid cd you will hear all year”
 – Absolute Punk
Kiss Kiss have announced the launch of their Kickstarter in order to re-release their album ‘Reality vs. the Optimist’ on 180 gram 12” vinyl via a triple label collaboration of Eyeball Records, front man Josh Benash’s Motor Oat Records and guitarist Mike Abiuso’s SwitchBitch Records.
Provided the Kickstarter achieves the required amount, a limited edition run of 250 units will be printed and pressed. If funding exceeds the required amount, any additional proceeds will be put toward pressing 250 more copies of the album on vinyl along with a potential release of Kiss Kiss’ “The Meek Shall Inherit What’s Left” on dual disc vinyl!
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