The Blues And Greys 'Bright Lights' Media Letter

Growing up in rural Northern California, The Blues and GreysLindsey Waldon was raised as the daughter of a working jazz singer. “At an early age I watched my mother perform. I remember being fascinated with how that style of music allowed her to express so many different emotions. It was complex and beautiful all at the same time.” Waldon quickly followed in her steps. Her pursuit and passion of all things musical included ten years of classical piano, five years of trumpet, three years of bass lessons. “By the time I was twelve, I got really into punk rock. I was lucky enough to have an older sister who was constantly feeding me music. It was such a radical departure from the jazz and classical background I learned as a kid. It was so immediate. I stayed away from the pop stuff. My motto was the grittier, the better.”

Evidence of Waldon’s diverse musical background is displayed on the title track of The Blues and Greys debut EP, which is propelled by Waldon’s full-bodied voice. Due to this strong sound as well as the band’s growing foothold in the Santa Barbara music scene, The Blue And Greys will be a headliner at this year’s New Noise Music Festival (October 17-19). The band will be featured alongside national acts such as Haim, Holy Ghost, White Buffalo, and Andrew W.K. This local headlining slot was filled the previous year by fellow Santa Barbara artist, Gardens & Villa (Secretly Canadian), who have since gone on to find wider national fame.

While acquiring a lifetime of musical skill in her short amount of years, The Blues And Greys marks the first time Waldon has fronted a full-band. The genesis of the group began when Waldon moved from Northern California to Santa Barbara to attend college. Waldon quickly became engrained in the local music scene where she was introduced to fellow musicians Thom Flowers and Jonathan Miller. Flowers and Miller had each spent considerable time playing and touring in various bands, and had recently teamed up to produce local artists. Joining forces to write material together, the trio recruited local musicians Austin Beede (ex-Alberta Cross) to play drums, and Michael Million to play bass.

Production duties for the release were handled by Flowers himself and boasts mastering by the legendary Alan Douches at West West Side Mastering (Rogue Wave, Xiu Xiu, Japandroids). After recording was wrapped, the band received some unexpected exposure by their songs being licensed for use in several television and film projects, as well as by national advertisers. Specifically, the title track “Bright Lights” was recently featured on MTV’s hit show, Awkward. Other tracks have already been featured in national commercials for Budweiser and Subaru.

The Bright Lights EP drops October 15, 2013, on Wednesday Records (Mock Orange, Southside American). Following the record’s release, The Blues and Greys will spend much of the next year touring throughout North America.

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