Our friends in The Venetia Fair have been busy lately. When not tormenting the bejesus out of their merch guy (affectionately named “Asspoop,”) they’ve kept themselves occupied preparing their first vinyl release for their latest (and incredible) album, Every Sick, Disgusting Thing We’ve Got In Our Brain. It’s a bit pricey at $30, but there’s only 250 being pressed, and the layout is pretty nasty! Pre-order info is below.
AUGUST 1st 2013
Announce ‘Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain’ out on Vinyl!
Limited 250 Unit Run Now Available for Pre-Order here:
“The title of The Venetia Fair’s new Kickstarter-funded album, Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain, speaks for itself as it showcases the band’s signature maniacal spin on the modern cabaret-rock sound.”  – Alternative Press
BOSTON, MA | August 1st, 2013 – The Venetia Fair have announced that they will be releasing their new album ‘Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain’ on 12” vinyl via guitarist Mike Abiuso’s SwitchBitch Records.
The pressing will be a limited edition run of 250 units, including unique features such as color splattered vinyl, and a rotating pinwheel of images beneath the front cover. To boot, the first 100 sold come complete with a SwitchBitch Records special package! For further details and to pre-order your copy, please visit: http://thevenetiafair.bigcartel.com/
The Venetia Fair and SwitchBitch Records will be holding their vinyl release showcase sponsored by Under The Gun on August 10th at 3065 Live in Wareham, MA. They will be playing along side friends; Vanna, Lions Lions, Our Last Night and more. To purchase tickets please visit:https://ticketrink.com/front/event/11928 and for event details visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/362538603855120
Sitting crossed legged in front of your record player; you carefully slide the disc from its sleeve. With eager anticipation, you place it onto the turntable. Lowering the arm, the disc begins to spin and the needle treads through those magical grooves, analog sounds of performance escaping from your speakers. All the while, you sit entranced by the artwork, reading along from the lyric sheet that was tucked inside. There is nothing else in the world like the perfect ritual of experiencing recorded music on vinyl.
On August 1st 2013, I am beyond excited to announce that my band The Venetia Fair’s latest effort, ‘Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain’ will not only be the debut vinyl for my label, SwitchBitch Records, but also the first ever vinyl pressing of a record I’ve played on.
Given the momentousness of the occasion, I felt the need to go all out on quality and production, carefully planning and executing every aspect, from the completely custom layout to the custom color splatter on each disc. I couldn’t be more proud of the final product our amazing fans will be receiving.
Above all, I am happiest to be able to share this experience with four of my best friends and the sickest humans I’ve ever met, The Venetia Fair.  We have poured our hearts and souls into this record and we hope you love it as much as we do.
Love Always,
Mike Abiuso of The Venetia Fair and SwitchBitch Records
Connect with The Venetia Fair:
Purchase Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain on iTunes: http://bit.ly/TVFalbum
Watch “The Day I Set Them Free” Music Video, here: http://youtu.be/Rqg8AzUSQRk