Here’s one we did on the fly in Detroit during Orion Music and More. Canadian metal trio Cauldron tore through a great set of classic heavy metal on Day 2, and we are looking forward to catching these guys in the near future. Metalheads unite!

What’s up everyone? Once again, this is Greg Allis with Live High Five, and we’re still at Orion! Day 2 is just as good as the first! It looked like the weather was going to drop on us for a second, but it’s holding off for us, so thank the lord!

We’re gonna watch Deftones in a few minutes, and then we have an 8 hour drive back to Syracuse, NY to be back at work by 8am in the morning tomorrow, which is going to suck balls. But, we’re sitting down with Ian and Myles from Cauldron right now, and they just played a great set of Toronto Metal. They play a traditional style, and have 3 albums under their belt, an EP, and they’re on Earache Records which is fucking awesome!

They’re currently touring in support of their 2012 release, Tomorrow’s Lost. So let’s get to know these Canadians a little bit, shall we?


G- Hi there and thank you very much for taking the time to speak with Live High Five! How’s everything going?

I- Greg, what’s up man? Yeah… Going good!

M- Just catching some rays!

G- Sort of. It’s a little bit cloudy, but I see what’s going on here. So, were you guys here yesterday and did you get to catch any of the acts?

M- Yeah we got here at around 6 and we caught FLAG, RHCP, and we…

I- We drank a lot of beer until they didn’t have any left. And then they kicked us out, so that was pretty much our night.

G- And how about today? You guys played an early set, and there’s still a lot more music to go… You seeing anything today? 

I- Actually, no. We’ve been kinda darting around, going back and forth. We haven’t been able to see any bands yet. We did a signing about an hour ago, and drank a few beers…

M- I really want to see Rocket From The Crypt. Death if we can manage.

G- Definitely! Are you guys gonna see Metallica? Will you be done with all your stuff before those come up?

M- I think so.

G- Good! I won’t take up too much of your time so you can enjoy yourselves as well… You earned it today.

So, you are touring in support of your 2012 release, Tomorrow’s Lost. I’m not familiar with the recording and today was the first time I got a chance to check you guys out, so tell us a little bit about it… Where did you record, who was behind the boards, and how long did it take to get it out?

M- Well actually, in 2012 it was actually released in Europe, but it didn’t come out in the states until April 30th.

G- Of this year?

M- Yeah. It was a 6 month delay.

G- What the hell was the delay all about?

I – Earache was working on a new distribution deal and they just licensed everything to Century Media. So all the paperwork and whatever red tape they had to go through just got worked out this year.

G- Ahhhh the music business!

M- So, I guess the album is kinda new in the states, and that’s why we just did a 5-week US tour around that time around it.

G- How did that run? How was the tour and the receptions?

I- It was good. I mean, we played with Diamondhead for 7 shows, and those were all awesome. And they were fun to hang out with. It was kinda weird at first… I don’t think they cared too much, but a few shows into the tour, they were like ‘Ok these guys aren’t going away, so maybe we should talk to them.’

M- Those guys didn’t realize that we were playing like 7 shows with them, and everyday they were like (in British accent) ‘Alright guys. Good job. Good luck in the future, guys. We’ll see you around.’

We were like ‘Yup… We’ll see you tomorrow.’ And then they were all ‘Oh… OK. OK.’

I – most of the shows were really awesome. Good attendance. I was happily surprised. And I think we played better on this tour than we played in Europe.

G- Nice. Now, any standout cities in the states? Any particularly memorable shows from this last run?

I- Well, yeah. Brooklyn was awesome!

G- Brooklyn?

M- Brooklyn was the worst hangover of my life.

G- So let me guess… That was probably St. Vitus, right?

M- You are correct. I wasn’t even at the bar yet. It was the night before the show!

I- And don’t go to The Levee. The Levee will get you fucked up!

G- The Levee closed!

I- They closed The Levee?

G- No more Frito Pies, no more tequila and beer for $4.

M- Wow… We shut it down!

G- It was your fault, wasn’t it? Damn Cauldron guys! What’s wrong with these damn Canadians?!


So, what are the plans for the rest of 2013? What have you guys got going on?

M- Well, we got some scattered shows coming up. In July, we’re playing with this band Vulture from Richmond, Va. Awesome band! (We’re) doing a short run down to Baltimore, down to Richmond, Raleigh, Wilmington…

G- Shout out to Ryan Waste!

M- Yes… What’s up? We’re playing Rhode Island Metal Fest July 28th. Some great bands on that. And then, in October, if looks like we’re going to South America.

G- No shit?! How long is that run?

I- A month.

M- It’s probably going to be a month.

G- Well, the South Americans love their metal. You’re going to hit Brazil, I hope?

I- Oh yeah.

G- Brazil is gonna love you guys!

I- I know. They tell us all the time.

G- So, to lighten it up a little bit, you’re from Canada and I ask this from all of my Canadian bands… Where’s your favorite place to get poutine? Where’s the BEST place to get poutine in Canada, from Cauldron’s perspective?

M- Best poutine I’ve ever had?

G- Yessir.

M- You’d think it’d be in Montreal or something, but the best I’ve ever had was in Ottawa, and it was made by an old Russian couple. They had this little tent next to one of the bars and it’s just a big lineup of drunk assholes, but it was the best poutine ever!

G- Ian, would you agree?

I- No.

G- Ahh we have some intra-band tension with the poutine! What do we got?

I – Willy’s on Blower Street in Halifax, but only if you get it after 3am when you’re hammered.

G- Fair enough.

So now I’d like to know, you guys are playing a more traditional style of metal, one’s that drastically underrepresented at this point, so thank you very much for keeping it alive! Tell us about 4 albums every fan of Cauldron should have. Let’s do 2 and 2.

M- 4 albums that every fan of Cauldron should have?

G- Damn right!

M- Ok, well I’m gonna say Savatage Sirens, and Judas Priest Stained Class.

G- Alright. How about you, Ian? 2 more.

I- let’s say Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath or Headless Cross. I don’t know… These guys are all huge fans of…

M- Headless Cross or Eternal Idol by Sabbath. Any one of those. That’s already 5 albums.

G- Yeah that’s 5. Maybe we go for 6? You guys blew the interview. Goddamnit!

M- OK.

I- Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden.

M- Savage Grace Master of Disguise. Omen Battle Cry.

G- Now we’re just going all over the place with it. If you’re reading this and you like cauldron, get your ass to the store if you don’t have these albums. You probably should have them anyway.

M- No. They’re out of print.

G- What? That doesn’t happen anymore.

I- Online.

M- Just download them. Steal them. (laughs)

G- (laughing) Alright. Now, do you guys have a favorite song that is most fun to perform? Or, if you could only give 1 song to someone who’d never heard Cauldron before, to try and make a new fan, what song would you give them and why?

M- Well, songs that we play, favorite songs? Probably songs that we’ve played the least (laughs.) Because we’re not sick of them yet.

G- Shoot.

M- Umm, I don’t know. I guess songs off the new album, I guess. “Nightbreaker,” “End of Times,” “Summon to Succumb.” Any one of those.

G- Ian, would you concur?

I- No.


I’m gonna cause some battle with these guys.

G- I’m not TMZ. I’m not trying to break the band up, I promise you.


I- “Miss You To Death” or, it’s a cover, “Chains Around Heaven.” I think those songs rip.

G- Right on. Now, you’re played Orion. You’ve played with Diamondhead. You’re going to be playing with Vulture very soon, but are there any bands or artists that you hope to share a bill with in the future? If you could curate your own feasible 3-band dream lineup for Cauldron to be on, who would you want to go on tour and share the stage with?

M- Enforcer.

I- Vanderbeist.

M- Yes. Vanderbeist from Holland is an amazing band. And, these are current bands that are still around?

I- I would like to play with Explorer from Italy, although the tour would probably only last 2 or 3 days because we all would die, but it would be an amazing 2 or 3 days.

M- And let’s just throw King Diamond in there, too.

I- Fuck it. Do it up.

G- We’ve got room for that.

M- Some room for the king.

G- Alright. Now, I just have one last question for you. Cauldron, Canadian band, on the rise, and working hard playing shows. A lot of kids out there ant to do the exact same thing, and the music dream will never die. They want to go out on the road and play shows just like you guys.

From your experience, and given your tenure, what advice can you give some of the young, up and coming bands everywhere who want to make it in music, on the road, and as a professional musician like yourselves?

M- Play from the heart. Be true to yourself. Play what you like.

I- Have fun. If you’re not having fun playing music, you shouldn’t be playing music.

G- I’m with that.

M- If you’re not having fun, stop.

G- Right on. Well, we just got done speaking with Cauldron from Toronto. Tomorrow’s Lost just dropped in April here, although it’s been out since 2012 in Europe… Fucking United States! Thank you guys very much for taking the time to speak with Live High Five today. Travel safe and enjoy the tour with Vulture, and look forward to speak with and seeing you guys again in the future!

M- Right on, Greg. Thank you!