Paris, France electronic 4-piece Dirtyphonics traveled a long way to Detroit, Michigan on June 8th to blast the ears and eyes of ravenous metalheads at from across the globe at ORION MUSIC AND MORE. While it may seem a bit odd that a drum and bass/dubstep/electro act is performing alongside some of the best metal acts on the market today, don’t be closed-minded… “Heavy” comes in many different forms.

In a last minute drive-by interview, I caught up with Charly, Pitchin, Thomas, and Pho to talk about their latest release, IRREVERANCE, what the Orion Metal crowd got (and what you’ll get) when the group takes the stage, and what advice they have for up and comers in the EDM scene.

And take note: Dirtyphonics will also be blowing up the stage at this year’s Camp Bisco, taking place in Mariaville, NY from July11-14th. You know you wanna 😉


G- Hello and thank you very much for taking the time to speak with Live High Five today!

DP- Thanks!

We just got off the stage and it was fucking awesome! It was a metal crowd, but a done deal!

G- So, this is a Metallica-curated festival, and they’ve got a big EDM stage where you guys just packed the tent in the early afternoon… What’s it like and how was the set? What did you think?

DP- Lots of energy, lots of mosh pits. When we played, we usually ask for a mosh pit at the very end for “Walk In Fire,” but today we didn’t have to ask for anything! The mosh pit was here, the people were jumping all around, and that was good, you know? We just came here and are about to see Infectious Grooves, The (Red Hot) Chili Peppers, and Metallica tomorrow, so it’s insane for us and we’re really, really proud to be alongside all these artists.

G- Nice! And what do you guy shave in store for the remainder of the year? Any serious touring of the states? What’s going on?

DP- We released our debut album, IRREVERENCE, 3 months ago, and we just did a uge North American tour for the release of the album. We went everywhere across the US and Canada. We did 45 gigs, and it was fucking awesome! Then, we went back to Europe for one show, and now we’re back in the US. We played St. Louis last night, we’re here today, we’re going to be in Vegas in a couple of weeks, and yeah! Festival season this summer and we’re back and forth between Europe and the US constantly, and we have a European tour in the Fall. We’re doing an Asian and Australian tour in the winter, and at the same time we’re working on our newest EP. We’ve got a bunch of remixes that we’re doing as well, and we’re doing our merch and fashion lines, so all of that should keep us pretty fucking busy until the end of the year.

DP- The next remix… Check it out! Linkin Park remix! Drum and Bass!

G- When’s that going to be dropping?

DP- (laughs) I don’ know, but soon. Trust me!

G- So you guys aren’t taking much time off, and that’s a good thing. It’s a non-stop hustle in the music business these days.

I want to talk about the latest album, IRREVERANCE, on Dim Mak Records… Tell us a little bit about where was it recorded, who was behind the boards, and how do you feel about the final product?

DP- We’re super happy with the reaction we’ve had from the fans, the industry, and all of our friends, you know? This is our first baby. You put all of your energy and time and passion into it, and seeing all the reactions and the love we got from that is fucking awesome.

It’s been a good year in the making, and we’ve been traveling so much, touring so much, that all the tracks… We were writing material all over the world in planes, hotel rooms, wherever, everywhere. And eventually, we took the material back into our home studio in Paris, and we added some more vocals, added some guitar parts and stuff, put it all together, released it, and you can see the smile we have on our faces today! We’re super happy and proud about it!

G- Yeah it’s been a good Saturday for you guys. We’ve got a nice cool breeze coming through, and you guys can kind of decompress and enjoy yourselves because work is done. So have a drink, and have some fun!

DP- Fuck yeah!

G- Now, this was my first time getting to see you guys perform live, and it was awesome! For some of the fans and folks that weren’t here, that sucks and you guys missed out…

(band laughs)

But tell us about what some of the first timers should expect from a Dirtyphonics show.

DP- A lot of energy. A lot of tracks! We go very fast.

Usually, we play an hour and a half of pure raging, so we just expect people to be tired and sweaty at the end of it.

G- Perfect!

DP- It’s all about the Bass music. Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Electro,  sometimes a little Trap music, like everything mixed together.

But lot of energy. We have energy like a Rock band, and it just goes harder and harder and harder throughout the set. So, yeah!

That’s the thing, you know? When we were teenagers, we used to play in Metal bands, play the guitar, bass guitar, whatever the fuck it was. And when we discovered electronic music, it was awesome to see how it could open a bunch of possibilities and opportunities in the music world. We wanted to find the same energy we loved in Metal, and transform it into electronic music, and that’s how we started writing Drum and Bass. And now, there’s a bunch of different electronic music, but whatever it is, it’s in your fucking face!

G- For sure!

Now, EDM is huge and you guys are seemingly constant producers, but what I’d like to know is do you have guys collectively or individually have a favorite track you have ever written? If you could only give 1 song to someone who’d never heard of you before, to try and make a new fan, what song would you give them and why?

DP- (collectively) “Walk In The Fire!”

G- (laughing) “Walk In The Fire!” And why is that?

DP- Because it has metal influences, a bunch of guitars, heavy bass, drum and bass, drum-step, dubstep, tempo switches…

It’s a really good mix of where we’re from, and where we’re at now.

G- Dig that!

Now, Orion Music Festival… You’re playing on a festival with Metallica, and you’re an EDM group, but are there any bands or artists that you hope to share a bill with in the future, or if you could curate your own feasible 3-band dream lineup for Dirtyphonics to be on, who would you want to share the stage with?


(Everyone laughs)

G- Alright.

DP- Daft Punk.

G- Alright. Pantera is a little… It’s not quite feasible anymore.

DP- I know, but…

G- But Pantera, Daft Punk, and give us one more.

DP- Wu-Tang Clan. We actually played alongside them at Coachella, so that’s already kind of done.

We could’ve said Metallica, and they asked us to join the stage, but we’re not going to be available. We have to fly. We had to turn down the opportunity (laughs.)

G- Yeah they asked me to fill in on drums today, but I was tired and couldn’t do it.

(all laughing)

So, to finish up today, you guys just finished up today and it’s time for you to go have some fun. EDM is blasting off, it’s huge, and it’s everywhere. You guys are making your mark, you’re doing well for yourselves, and there are a lot of up and comers out there that want to do what you’re doing.

Can you give some advice to the young, up and comers? Maybe some of your words could help them out.

DP- Don’t listen to anyone, and do your thing. Don’t even listen to this.

(all laughing)

DP- Don’t listen to anyone. Just do your stuff. Now is the time of internet, so you just have to spread it. If it’s good, people are going to pick it up and take it higher.

Dig in. Work hard. Play Hard.

And Have fun!

G- Fun is important! Well look, I want to say thank you guys very much again for taking the time to speak with Live High Five today!

We just spoke with Dirtyphonics and they flew a long way to play at Orion Music Festival. You guys enjoy the rest of the festival, and thank you very much!

DP- Thank you!