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Houston, Texas’ ADELAINE are a huge anomaly in the music game. While there are millions of bands out there vying for a shot at a rock star title, when Adelaine entered the mainstream music world, they just came in and took the damn thing. Their intro single, “Do or Die,” skyrocketed up the Billboard Music charts and stayed there for an impressive 40 weeks, finding the band thrust into the spotlight.

But all good artists are creators who need to keep the momentum going, and Adelaine is no different. With aspirations that trump any previous successes they’ve had, the group is releasing their next album, Currents (Mosaic Artistry Group) on April 30th, with high hopes that their current writing is as well-received as the monster of a track that “Do or Die” has been. I’d say there’s a pretty good chance 🙂

I caught up with singer Stormy Pina via email to get better acquainted with the group, their thoughts and feelings on Currents, and and a few tips for the younger bands and kids out there that hope to do exactly what Adelaine is doing right now. Oh, and Rihanna comes up in the conversation, too!


G- Hi there and thank you very much for taking the time to speak with Live High Five! Introduce the members in the group… Who is everyone, what do they play, and where does everyone come from? Everyone from Houston, Texas, and do you ever eat at Fajita Flats?!

S– Hi! I’m Stormy and I am the vocalist of Adelaine. Zach is our drummer, Wayne and Donny are guitars and Matt is our bassist.  I was born in Houston, but spent most of my life elsewhere since my dad was in the Navy. Zach is from California and everyone else is from Texas.

Unfortunately, we have not eaten at Fajita Flats, but we do however know of some pretty awesome BBQ places…

G- Best margaritas in the states… If you’re into strong drinks, it’s the place to go!

Can you tell us how long Adelaine has been around and when did you first get started? Do you remember the moment that you really felt the group “click?”

S- We are about to have our 4-year anniversary as a band this July, actually. The guys had formed early Adelaine before I was in the picture, and when they started looking for singers, they found me on Myspace because I had been in another Houston band for a few years. I was skeptical at first, but eventually met up with them to have a test jam, and I like to say it was love at first jam! I remember talking about my goals as a musician and everyone being so enthusiastic and on the same page… We definitely clicked right off the bat.

G- On Myspace to boot! Ahh the power of digital technology and social networking!

You recently released your latest album, Currents, on Mosaic Artistry Group.  How do you feel about the final product, and what is it like working with M.A.G?

S- We are so proud of Currents, not just because we like the way it turned out, but because we were able to pull together and really dedicate ourselves to putting in the work to do a full length. We all really stepped out of our comfort zones to try and push ourselves to do things we hadn’t before.

We love our M.A.G! They have been nothing but supportive on all fronts. We talk about how lucky we are to have them on our side all the time. The music business can be disingenuous sometimes, and it helps to have a team that works in our best interest.

G- Yes it certainly can, and i’m glad you found a label that is making you a priority. So many artists languish due to poor company backing.

But back to Currents and your writing style. What is your writing process like, and who in the band typically comes up new music? Do you have a primary songwriter, or do you write music more organically through jamming during rehearsals?

S- Typically, a band member will come to the band with an idea… A riff, a beat, or a lead line… and the rest of us will start listening and when someone connects, they’ll jump in, and so on.  There is a song on our new album called “Every Once In A While” that pretty much came out of thin air. Donny started playing a lead line, and I immediately felt myself respond to it and lyrics just started pouring out of me. It’s a really magical experience for a songwriter or band to have.

G- Can you tell us about the recording process for the album? Where did you record it, who was behind the boards this time around, and how long did the release take to record and get ready for release?

S- We went to the talented producer John Harrell in North Carolina, and we also had Zach Riner from late Sent By Ravens helping produce. We had a month to completely finish this album. There was a week of pre-production where we tightened all the songs we had already, and we also spent a few days writing a few more songs. Once we decided what songs that would go on the album, we started recording drums and so on. I was the last to record. John Harrell was on the boards. We finished at the end of December, and will be releasing the album April 30th! It was a much shorter turn around than our last project.

G- What should your fans, both old and new, expect of the performances when you guys hit the road? What should some of the first time listeners expect to see when you take the stage?

S- We like to put on a passionate show and, with the new content in this new album, our upcoming shows will be no different. We have put so much of ourselves into these songs that it will be impossible for us to not go all out.  Expect a show with real emotion, and real people, doing what we love.

G- Do you have a favorite song you have ever written? If you could only give 1 song to someone who’d never heard of you before, to try and make a new fan, what song would you give them and why?

S- One of my favorite songs to play is a song on our new album called “Square One.” It hits really close to home lyrically. Every time I play it, I can feel the same emotion that I did when I wrote it. If I picked one song to show a new fan, it would probably be “Square One” because it genuinely shows a bit of who I am as a person.

G- Right on! And to speculate a little bit (we’re all dreamers in music,) are there any bands or artists that you hope to share a bill with in the future?

S- I would love to play with Emery since they have been inspiring me since I was in High School. Other bands we’d love to play with are Anberlin, Conditions, and Rihanna ’cause lets face it, who doesn’t want to play a show with Rihanna?

G- Haha dig that! Just watch out for Chris Brown.

So a show with Rihanna would be pretty wild, but what is the craziest or most memorable show that you have played to date? Where was it and what was it like?

S- At this point, I’d have to say my most memorable show was when we were on tour last May.  We were playing a show down in Florida for the first time ever and I’ll never forget when we started playing our single at the time “Do or Die,” a bunch of people started singing along. They were people we’d never met or seen before. It was one of those “Oh this is how it feels!” moments! I will never forget that show.

G- Very cool! And lastly, to finish up today, for all of the young kids and aspiring bands out there trying to do exactly what you are doing with Adelaine,  what advice can you give some of the young, up and coming bands everywhere who want to make it in music, on the road, and as a professional musician?

S- Be real, be you and be honest. The music business isn’t an easy road, but when you keep your heart in it, the right choices are made. Hard work pays off! Be wary and think first before you jump!

WTHT Question:

Do you wear hearing protection when you perform? Why or why not? Do you think it is important for your fans to protect their ears?

S- Most of us do wear ear protection at our shows, the exception is when the sound system isn’t that good and the ear protection is overpowering. I think it is important to wear ear protection as fans, what we do is very loud and we want you to be able to hear and rock out at shows for years and years to come!