Streetlight Manifesto is dropping a new record… For real this time. It isn’t like the group ever had plans of not releasing their 5th album, The Hands That Thieve, but am I wrong when I say it seemed like the damn thing would never come out? 5 years? Yeesh! Anywho, after much anxiety and anticipation, April 30th will see a whole lotta people rejoice!

The Hands That Thieve is as super poppy and youthful sounding a record as one might expect, and Streetlight’s wonderful melding of ska/punk/latin/acoustic folk jams still aims to please. If you’ve ever seen the group live, you know that they always bring an insanely energetic crowd, and this 10-track offering will keep the vibe and mood of the room nice and high when they strut on through.

The Hands That Thieve is chock full of quick and quirky beats, loads of horn melodies and harmonies, and rapid-fire vocals over punked up, occasionally thrashy rhythms. Highlighting the brass, there is plenty of individual player time going on because, if you didn’t already know, Streetlight Manifesto is composed of some excellent players. Massive sing-a-longs and the customary circle-skank pits are all imminent when they perform these new jams live.

With the first song clocking in at a hefty 5:13, and several other tracks topping the 5 minutes mark (“With Any Sort Of Certainty” clears 6 minutes), you are certainly getting a ton of music for your money. At 3:45, the shortest track (“Oh Me, Oh My”) sounds like a single to me for some reason, but we’ll see if the mainstream media picks back up on how much fun Ska can still be (if/when it’s done right.)

But who am I to say? You may think completely different of the new record, so go buy the album you’ve been waiting for (especially if you’ve made it to the end of this review) and judge for yourself 🙂

Track List:

The Three Of Us


The Littlest Things

The Hands That Thieve

With Any Sort Of Certainty

If Only For Memories

They Broke Him Down

Toe to Toe

Oh Me, Oh My

Your Day Will Come