John Joseph, frontman for the legendary Cro-Mags, has sent out a PSA via Youtube asking for help feeding the homeless in Tompkins Square Park.

If you’ve ever been to NYC and/or TSP, you know how tough some of the people in the area have it. Forget that NYC is a mecca for greed and profitability… There are thousands upon thousand of people who struggle day in and day out just to find something to fill their belly.

Due to increasing rent, renovations, etc etc, John has very generously offered his time and efforts to help support one of the most gracious folks in NYC. 

On top of that, John, Cro-Mags, and Rocks Off! have offered up some insane gifts to those who pledge. Watch the video to see what i’m talking about… they’re no joke!

Props to hardcore dudes with softcore hearts. Help if you can, and please share.